Through the portal of Athens, Ga many talented artists have hermetically created their visions, silently honing a discipline to become masters of their craft.  It has been rare for artistic collaboration to happen by pure synchronicity, especially involving a connection of similar vibration frequency that resounds from past experiences, kindred thought processes and philosophy of life.  However, fortune and perhaps fate united two equivalent souls with complementary artistic styles, through the medium of ink and harmonic content.  

James Greer and Mina Orion-Atlas Kim devised the Paradox Tarot deck on an early winter morning in 2016, with a chance encounter on Pulaski Street when James walked by as Mina was checking her mail.  Excitement and feasibility of a collaborative tarot deck grew through follow up meetings, establishing analogous aspirations, integral in creative partnership, along with forming an empathetic friendship.   

We are thrilled about the Paradox Tarot card deck and eager to share our passion of art, mystery and love.

The Paradox Tarot Deck

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